3D game programming in Quine Engine

přidáno: 10. 2. 2019 3:19, autor: Jiří Heczko   [ aktualizováno 10. 2. 2019 3:31 ]
D graphics, modeling, the making of games are somehow part of the teaching of computer science at our school. Over the past ten years when we have been doing this, the school has made tremendous progress. In this article, we only briefly mention the creation of a 3D models, which are not just a model, but additional interactivity is added to it through the Quine Engine program, which allows the object to be manipulated arbitrarily. QE offers the opportunity to control the entire scene and its objects using its scripting language. Sounds good, as we intend to teach our children to program 3D games and create virtual worlds on the QE platform.
The author of the program is our graduate Ondřej Vanka, who has been developing it for several years. Our other graduates are already involved in development too.
The current version of the program is already so advanced that we are going to enter the mobile devices market where a similar tool is missing.

In the past, you could see our demos at the Inventarena 2016 and 2018.