3D Printer Workshop

přidáno: 29. 9. 2013 5:26, autor: Jiří Heczko   [ aktualizováno 29. 9. 2013 6:01 ]
Really nice to announce that we held an interesting workshop about 3D printing under the professional leading of Mr. Josef Průša. Father of the Prusa Mendel Printer provided to us an amazing introduction to 3D printing. Mr. Prusa whose model of the printer is one of the most expanded over the world, show us what 3D printing is, how it works and how to prepare 3D model for 3D printing. Our pupils could see how to convert, correct and slice their own model for 3D printing. 
For us it’s another portion of our 3D portfolio. We are heavily impressed in 3D design and 3D print give us opportunity to materialize our art of modeling. The core of our 3D education is based on Trimble SketchUp and Maxon Cinema 4D
Considering our activity in 3D area we can start to produce 3D models for everyday use or for fun. We really appreciate that Mr. Josef Prusa was willing to spend some time with us and show us how 3D print will change the world. 
Our pupils were enthusiastic to see new modern technology in practice. The participant of the workshop will start to think in other dimension of 3D modeling. As they are keen to print everything, we will have to order a huge amount of source material for printing. So, be ready for stream of plastic's 3D things created by our young 3D designers.

Source: JH