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Why the maps should be flat only? Especially when we have tools, knowledge and enthusiasm to change it. Why should we persist in standard IT education? Why not to do something creative, well visible and useful? It’s exactly we found on Google Maps. Combination of Trimble SketchUp and maps offers an excellent start for 3D design.

It was a common day, when one of my pupil showed me an interesting program. In a few minutes I could see rough draft of the mobile phone. It caught my mind, and I was starting to think about it. My pupils started to model our school. Yes from current point of view it was something terrible. Their first attempt to place model on the map was unsuccessful. And I had to change.

During my vacation I have decided to create a model which would be enough attractive and must be authorized for showing on the map. The first choice fall to our hospital and churches. After a 50 hours of labor I had three model created in SketchUp and ready to place on the map. When they were approved by Google it was a like a feast. We realized that it is not impossible to achieve success. We called our project 3DTrinec. Since this day we have more than 300 objects and our project was able to gain certain publicity in regional and national press. And it was the best appreciation of our effort. To see our work in the press and that elementary school may sometime compete to professionals and universities give us some dose of self-confidence. Especially for my pupils it was something almost incredible.

Due to this success we have today a group of fast developing young designers who know that they can do interesting things.

Do not forget to watch our models on Google Maps and read articles about the project.


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