Quine Engine

přidáno: 29. 9. 2013 4:19, autor: Jiří Heczko   [ aktualizováno 29. 9. 2013 12:00 ]

Game EngineDo you know the term "game engine“?  Or, have you ever seen Unity 3D or Torque 3D. Those quite well known game development environments are coded by a teams of people. And the result are well seen. You meet those programs on different platforms and equipment (computers, tablets, mobiles, etc.).

But, would you believe that such environment can be coded by one man? Yes it’s possible and I would like to concentrate your focus to a starting project of our school’s graduants.  Let me introduce Quine Engine ver. 4. The game engine developed by a young man who corrects my imagination of what is possible. I see a years of development and big effort to offer an interesting program for scene visualization in real-time. In these days the program is developed under the brand company name Developer-Point, which is emerging young company established by the author of the program: Mr. Ondřej Vaňka.

What is Quine Engine? Quine Engine is the multi-platform next generation Android, Apple, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, PlayStation 3 modern 3D game engine technology with powerful rendering visualization of virtual worlds, physical simulations and artificial intelligence.

It's really nice to see results of our work in IT sector, that we have talents who are able to create something interesting and who come back to our school and help us to arise our IT education. You know, our graduants come back and help us to arrange workshop in 3D design and 3D game development. As we are still collaborating with our graduants  we have today a team of people who participate in our schooll education process of computer science and development, because we are building a team of young developers. [More in my others articles.]

So our pupils and other graduants are getting opportunity to participate on this project, according to their age.

See thefirst output from the Quine Engine in our school photo gallery.

Czech version / Česká verze.

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