Workshops, programming - 2019

přidáno: 3. 8. 2019 10:52, autor: Jiří Heczko   [ aktualizováno 15. 1. 2020 12:28 ]
We have finished another batch of all-day workshops for chidlren of ages between 11 and 15. This year it were mainly focused on programming. We repeated the L-system, which is an interesting example of the use of mathematics in practice. The older kids prepared for younger various workshops and demonstrations focused on the game development and 3D model creation.
This year we tried:
  • Lindermayer system in Python programming language, implementation of formal grammar,
  • programming a simple game in Python, (Adam, 9.A)
  • intreoduction to programming in Unity game engine, (Adam, 9.A)
  • Modification of Minecraft and MCP client in Java programming language, (Adam, 9.A)
  • development and creation of scene in our game engine Quine, (Ondřej, Renderwaves)
  • process of 3D model creation and printing on 3D printers, (Milan, 9.A)
  • basic modeling in Cinema 4D, (Milan, 9.A)
  • agile development techniques.

Older students could show what they already know and try to lead workshops. If you are not oriented in IT and want to get at least some idea what the students were doing, watch a quick quick video with examples of each topic.

The video contains an unsorted cut of the workshops for our students. We recorded mainly what happened on the computer screens. So you will see what the students actually did.