Worskhops, 2nd half of 2019/2020

přidáno: 15. 2. 2020 12:09, autor: Jiří Heczko   [ aktualizováno 15. 2. 2020 12:50 ]

Even in the second half of the year 2019 we realized another technological and qualitative leap of information technologies we educate at school.

What we managed to do:

  1. During the summer holidays, we tested the GitLab and OpenShift platform for learning software programming and development, and at the same time experimentally launched ODOO - ERP so that our students could apprize the opensource variant of the enterprise system.

  2. In November we organized workshop with VŠB - TUO on how to use the Geogebra program in mathematics.

  3. In December, we introduced the range of IT education at school to the public in cooperation with Renderwaves. The program was accompanied by our students and graduates. Visitors could see a wide variety of technologies, such as: programming of Minecraft hack in Java, game engine programming (Unity, Quine), virtualized systems and Linux system administration, 3D printing, 3D modeling in SketchUp, Cinema 4D, Blender, Arduino controllers, asymmetric cryptography, L-system explanation and how to code in Python programming langugage, network architecture simulation, etc. We built a total of 19 stands, which were presented by 30 pupils. The event met with great acclaim.

  4. At the beginning of February we organized workshop with DevX for 30 pupils focusing on web technologies and template coding. This workshop was preceded by several months of preparation, especially in the lower grades, so that students could master at least the basics of website server and databases administration, HTML, CSS and scripting in PHP.

  5. How to arrange for movie production with Klara was interesting presentation about the world of film and advertising.

In the next six months our pupils can look forward to other interesting events we are preparing. ;-)

Complete information about our events you can be found:

https://informatika.zszatopkovych.eu/home (in Czech langugage)

http://digitalne.zszatopkovych.eu/english-articles (English summary)